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 Bahn Frei Polka Cello Part 

 Canyon Sunset

 Canyon Sunset Viola Part 

 Canyon Sunset Cello Part 

 Dance of the Tumblers Rimsky-Korsakoff arr. by Sandra Dackow 

 Elenore Rigby

 Fanfare and Coronation

 Fiddlle Tunes, No.3 Viola Part 

Fiddlle Tunes, No.3 Cello Part 

 Finale by Beethoven/R. Meyer

 Finale from Beethoven Fifth

 Gavotte Correlli/Phillips


 Night Rider

 Overture William Tell Arr. by Sandra Dackow 

Sahara Crossing

 Salsa Verde Viola Part 

 Somewhere from Westside Story

 Somewhere Out There by Arr. by Steven Rosenhaus

 Spring from the Four Seasons 

 Symphony In D by Elliot Del Borgo

 Tango Trocadero

 Telemann Sinfonia arr. by Robert Brown 

 Theme from Stairway to Heaven 

Arr. by Phillips

 Tsumasaki by Keiko Yamada

 Tsumasaki Cello Part 

 Tsumasaki Viola Part 

 Twilight Express

by Debrah Baker Monday


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